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Why the Arters Group
Despite their abundance, affluence and market share, advertising firms are predominately run by younger people, with ad campaigns increasingly geared to appeal to a younger marketplace. This trend exists even in promotions targeting older individuals.

According to Newsday, baby boomers are the most likely group to purchase a new car, while individuals in the 35-45-year-old group tend to buy less. Despite trends like these, auto-makers and distributors direct their sales message at the median population, ignoring the largest share of their buyers’ market.

The Arters Group gears its PR and marketing approach to communicating with and reaching older individuals specifically in Arizona, the second largest retiree market in the United States. Sunshine. Low taxes and affordable lifestyle are at the top of the reason for this, but despite this continuing influx of retirees, home builders, sales groups and promotional firms are failing to communicate and cater to this burgeoning market.

The Arters Group provides tools that better suit aging individuals from assuring that broadcast messages are geared to the need of older adults, to assuring that communications are audibly and visually clear, that product instructions are easily understood, and that online messages are directed in a logical way that matches the expectations and understanding of the viewer.

Arters Group, PLLC

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