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What types of Services are Provided by the Arters Group?
We believe in branding synergy, and matching services appropriate for each specific application. All our services are mindful of market trend, especially those that affect and apply to the senior market. Some of our services are provided through an experienced team of support personnel who have intimate knowledge of our mission and incorporated into our service package as required by the project.
As the population ages, many businesses with younger workers can find it challenging to relate to the 50+ marketplace. As professionals in this arena, we can provide insights to begin the process, as well as ongoing assistance to build lines of communication and interaction between generations.

Strategic Marketing Communications/Public Relations Planning
Assessment, development, and implementation; integration into client’s Business Plan

Media Relations and Publicity
Strategies, relationships, contacts, publicity campaigns, news releases, public service announcements, customized media lists, media relations training, social media

Crisis Communications

Special Events and Educational Seminars
Creative, strategies, planning, organizing, publicizing, and executing

Community Relations
Assessment of public opinion, data collection and analysis, program development, planning, and implementation

Recommend services, products and home modifications that help older people maintain as much control as possible of their lives, for as long as possible. We also help the elderly age with dignity by serving as an advocate that will enable their lives, will and wishes to be maintained even after they may not be able to make decisions for themselves.

Arters Group, PLLC

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