The Arters Group, PLLC

What types of Services are Provided by the Arters Group?
We believe in branding synergy, and matching services appropriate for each specific application. All our services are mindful of market trend, especially those that affect and apply to the senior market. Some of our services are provided through an experienced team of support personnel who have intimate knowledge of our mission and incorporated into our service package as required by the project.
Our Consulting Services
This may include: 
  • Public Affairs & Government Relations
  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Communications Research & Analysis
  • Crisis Communications
  • Community Relations
  • Seminars & Trainings
  • Town Halls
  • Public Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Special Events 
  • Publicity

Living-in-Place Services
  • Assess individuals’ unique needs for aging in place at home.
  • Identify modifications that help maintain independence while aging.
  • Recommend services, products and home modification options to meet identified needs.
  • Advocate for aging with dignity, respecting lives and legal wishes if unable to decide for themselves.
  • Guide families, caregivers, and communities in abuse, neglect and exploitation protections of aging.
  • Educate and advocate for elder justice in today’s aging society.

Arters Group, PLLC

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